Our Purpose

Our Mission

Since the organization began, its mission is for the advancement of Autism awareness/education, to provide financial support, and raise community awareness on behalf of The Autism Place at Illinois State University to further their mission of serving families living with an autism related disorder.

All activities will be to the benefit of The Autism Place and participating families representing a wide range of social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, by distribution of its funds for those purposes, and particularly for providing financial support to The Autism Place.

Our History

The Friends of The Autism Place was founded in 2009 by parents who had family members receiving services from the Autism Place. Their initial goal was to reduce the number of families on the waiting list for services through increasing financial support and awareness through fundraising efforts.

In September of 2015, The Friends of The Autism Place was notified that due to the budget stalemate holding up critical grants, The Autism Place would close in November 2015. Thanks to volunteers and the generosity of the community, money was raised to move the program to a smaller, less expensive location and fund the program through May 2016.

Due to continued funding uncertainty from the state, The Friends of the Autism Place was asked to find and lease a location for services. In August 2016, an agreement was reached with Milestones Learning Center (http://celebratemilestones.org) to lease their facilities. The Friends of The Autism Place needs your help to support the ongoing lease commitment and other programmatic expenses.